Instant Roof - SketchUp plugin

  • Create a complex roof in seconds - just select faces and edges; then run Instant Roof.
  • Hip, gable, shed, dutch-gable, mansard, plantation, gambrel, open-trellis, combined, more...
  • Eave types: boxed-in, exposed, soffited.
  • Hips and rafters with customizable ends.
  • Fascia, fascia-trim, ridge and hip tiles, shingles, or sheet-metal.
  • Complete mission tile or standing-seam roof.
  • Use default roof styles - or create your own.
  • Export and Import user defined roof styles.
  • Choose any unit type supported by Sketchup: Metric- angles for slope or Feet/ inches - ratio for slope.

Instant Road - SketchUp plugin

  • Automates creation of roads, pathways, and waterways on a terrain using either an outline or a centerline for input.
  • Creates center medians and islands.
  • Creates curbs, sidewalks, depressed road surfaces, or raised road surfaces.
  • Metric or Feet / Inches
  • And more…

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