Instant Road - SketchUp plugin

  • Automates creation of roads, pathways, and waterways on a terrain using either an outline or a centerline for input.
  • Creates center medians and islands.
  • Creates curbs, sidewalks, depressed road surfaces, or raised road surfaces.
  • Metric or Feet / Inches
  • And more…

Clik Here For Download Sketchup Plugin

Download more sketchup plugin tutorial in PDF

Overview instant road (PDF)

Quickstart road from centerline (PDF)

Quickstart road from face (PDF)

Quickstart islands and medians (PDF)

Road from centerline (PDF)

Road from faces (PDF)

Islands and medians (PDF)

Preview does more than preview (PDF)

Make road with loop (PDF)

How to install (PDF)

Road from centerline parameters (PDF)

Road form faces parameters (PDF)

Island or median parameters (PDF)
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More Information Instan Road Plugin


  1. Fantastic! Thank you very very much!

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  3. I have just gone through a CAD therapy. With this my mouth is still agape with wonder. Thanks


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