Lumion 3d - Sketchup to Lumion

Lumion 3d for sketchup is a real-time 3D visualization tool for making movies and still shots of architecture, planning and design.

Lumion 3D tutorial explains how to use the interface on lumion, process editing materials, import sketchup file and to add components such as people, trees, birds, and also on this lumion tutorials also explain how to create still image and making movie.

Lumion 3D tutorial #1 Moving Camera

Lumion 3D tutorial #2 Placing Object

Lumion 3D tutorial #3 Importing SketchUp To Lumion 3D

Lumion 3D tutorial #4 Editting Materials

Lumion 3D tutorial #5 Making movie/ Animation

download lumion 3d

Lumion Specifications

Design sample of lumion : Lumion 3D for Achitecture Presentation


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