Maxwell render for sketchup - tutorial and free download

Maxwell render for Sketchup offers users the benefits of advanced rendering in a custom built, easy to use package, for FREE.

(Free download Maxwell render for Sketchup).

Maxwell render for sketchup benefit is;
- Easy to set up - just install the Maxwell for Google SketchUp standalone plugin.
- High quality “real-time” rendering (immediate feedback in the renderer for scene changes).
- Fully integrated into SketchUp- no external render applications or interfaces to learn.
- Self contained standalone package with its own custom designed render engine.
- High Definition resolution (for the licensed version).
- Free materials: Access to use thousands of  free Maxwell materials (MXM files).
- Compatible with Windows and OSX.

Maxwell render for sketchup - Video Tutorial:

Maxwell for Sketchup - Introduction to user interface

Maxwell for SketchUp - Maxwell Materials

Maxwell for SketchUp: Customizing Materials

Maxwell for SketchUp: Output Settings

Maxwell for SketchUp: Camera Focus

Maxwell for SketchUp: Z-Clip Planes

Maxwell for SketchUp: Environment Sky and HDRI

Maxwell for SketchUp: Proxies

Source: Maxwell for Google SketchUp


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