About Google SketchUp 8

About Google SketchUp 8 was launched, there are new several development  in google sketchup 8 (a video about What's new in Google SketchUp 8), including layout with 3 versions (a video about Layout 3).

About Google SketchUp 8

About Google SketchUp 8 fitures:

- Model geo-location with Google Maps (a video about Geo-Modeling and Modeling in Contact)
- Color imagery and more accurate terrain
- Match Photo improvements
- SketchUp meet Building Maker
- Solid Tools (pro) (a video about Solid Tools)
- Scene Thumnails
- Back Edges
- Angular Dimensions in Layout (pro)
- Push/Pull pre- selected faces
- Calculate volumes
- Outer Shell
- DWG/DFX 2010 (pro)
- DWG/DFX export in Layout (pro)
- Dashed lines are configurable in Layout (pro)
- Precise Move in Layout (pro)

More information About Google Sketchup 8.

Download Google SketchUp 8,
Download Google SketchUp 8 Pro (for 8 hours of unlimited use)

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