Lightup for Sketchup

Lightup for Sketchup - gives the ability to have realtime walkthrough and flythough of your fully lit model, all running inside the SketchUp window. Simply place light sources in your Sketchup model switch to Touring mode and you can explore how your model looks from any angle. Change the time of year / time of day to perform shadow analysis using the advanced Rayleigh sunlight model.

While Touring your model, you can create instant High Resolution Stills from the current viewpoint so you can iterate quicky through a whole range of ideas. Resolution of Stills is only limited by available memory - presets for common 300dpi page sizes are available as well as standard 1920x1080, 3840x2160 sizes. All of these can optionally produce the accompanying floating point depth maps to allow further post processing.

Adding light sources to your model is quick and simple and requires just placing a SketchUp Component at the position you want a light source and editing its lighting properties. Entering a Lumen value for your light source gets you started in seconds. Adding an IES luminaire definition file (available online from most manufacturers), allows you to evaluate lighting using real fittings. IES Type A, B and C light types are supported in LightUp making it ideal for both interior and exterior lighting design. Tools for orienting/targetting entire groups of lights make light rigging super quick as does the ability of LightUp to filter all light sources through any gobo or indeed any non-opaque materials the light passes through.

Free download Lightup for Sketchup.

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What New in Lumion 2.0

What New in Lumion 2.0 - The new lighting features allow users to create an amazing atmosphere for indoor visualizations. To achieve believable indoor lighting, the entire material and shading system is updated for enhanced realism.

Several new animation effects will make it much easier to animate objects. In Lumion 2 you can now create curved paths instead of being restricted to strictly linear paths as in the first version of Lumion. This is great for animating vehicles, people and even parts of your design.

To complement the indoor lighting there will be a content pack available for Lumion 2.0. The new pack contains more than 160 furniture models and around 90 other objects such as waving flags and new vehicles.The existing character pack will be extended with several high quality 3D people.

The new sky system now includes 3 cloud layers, different cloud shapes and a spectacular spectrum of colors. At night the sky transforms into a magical spectacle of stars, complete with a realistic moon and special night sky colorization and cloud lighting.

This movie explains some of the new features in the new version.
- Indoor lighting with shadows and IES profiles
- Amazing skies for any time of day
- Enhanced materials for high quality display of fabrics and reflective materials
- Weather effects for quickly displaying a building in different weather conditions
- Extended the model library with things like flags, furniture, motorcycles and more
- Improved animation options
- Support for Autodesk DWG files and Autodesk Revit

Source : Lumion 3D for Sketchup
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