ConDoc Tools Sketchup Plugin

ConDoc Tools for SketchUp Plugin

ConDoc is a plugin that expedites construction documents, automates design packets, and drastically improves your project organization using SketchUp Pro and LayOut. ConDoc is designed to provide architects and designers with a seamless workflow process, ease all of the intricate steps involved in document creation, and enable you to have complete control in all aspects of your project.

Plan Generator Condoc

The plan generator is the keystone of the entire ConDoc System. Answer a few questions regarding project type, levels, finished floor heights, and which drawings to include in your set and a multitude of tedious plan scenes are instantly added to your model.

Efficiently Generate Plans

•Add section planes based on finished floor heights.
•Scenes seamlessly sync with scrapbooks.
•Control line weights.
•Leverage dynamic hatches.
•Work within a flexible and scaleable system of standards.

Elevation Condoc Tool

The Elevation Tool instantly adds elevation drawing scenes to your SketchUp model, automatically numbered from 01 – 12.

Easily Add Elevation Drawings

•Quickly create elevation drawings from your models.
•Automated styles, scenes, layers, and shadows.
•Integrate with Layout using the included CONDOC Scrapbooks.
•Optimized viewports display your elevation drawings rendered in Layout.

Section Condoc Tool

The Section Tool instantly adds section drawing scenes to your model, automatically named from AA – ZZ.

Quickly Create Section Drawings

•Easily cut sections through your designs.
•Automated scene naming, layering, styles, and section planes.
•Integrate with Layout using the included CONDOC Scrapbooks.
•Optimized viewports display your section drawings rendered in Layout.

Perspective Condoc Tool

The Perspective Tool instantly adds perspective drawing scenes to your SketchUp model, optimized for either interior or exterior views, and automatically numbered from 01 – 20.

Instantly Create Perspective Views

•“Snapshot” perspective views of your model.
•Get rendering consistency by automating layers, scenes, and styles.
•Expedite presentation displays of your model in Layout using the included CONDOC Scrapbooks.

Detail Condoc Tool

The Detail Tool instantly adds several tedious detail drawing scenes to your SketchUp model, automatically named from 01 – 12.

Match Properties Condoc Tool

The Match Properties Tool applies a sampled layer to other entities, drastically increasing productivity in 2D DRAFT Mode.

Condoc Drawing For Layout

ConDoc Drawings are easily linked to the drawing scenes created by the ConDoc Tools. Once linked, these drawings are forever connected to the design model. Move a wall in SketchUp, the lines and hatch move in LayOut. This ensures you 100% connectivity between your 3D model and your 2D construction document with no exploding needed!

For Sample drawing Condoc Tools

For Download ConDoc Tools Sketchup Plugin

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